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We’re pleased to announce that Newport Wireless Mesh has received a Community Action Team (CAT) Grant of $500 from the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation to help with the cost of completing installation of new access points in the project area. CATs fund an array of community programs – social services organizations, cultural, recreational, or arts programs and community celebrations located within the state of Vermont. They pay special attention to underserved populations including seniors, at-risk youth and low income communities. Community Action Team Grants  prioritize support for basic human needs and the needs of underserved  areas of the state as well as organizations that are primarily volunteer-led. We want to sincerely thank Ben and Jerry’s Foundation for their support.

Great news!—Newport Wireless Mesh recently received $3,000 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Spark! Connecting Community grant program.

The Spark! Connecting Community grant program puts building and nurturing community front and center. The Foundation aims to support the work happening throughout Vermont’s 251 towns that builds social capital. These grants—where a small amount can make a big difference—are intended to light the spark that keeps Vermonters healthy and happy.

Newport Wireless Mesh wishes to sincerely thank Vermont Community Foundation for helping the mesh continue to grow.

Newport Wireless Mesh is a non-profit community supported wireless mesh internet service provider. We are small but growing. In 2019 we built three new access points that serve portions of Newport, Vermont’s low income downtown neighborhood. We plan four more access points in 2020. See our current service map.

We are your community internet. Every household in the mesh is connected to every other household so we all depend on one another to provide reliable, low-cost internet access.  Subscribers and our generous donor friends keep the mesh alive through subscription commitments and gifts. The success of the mesh depends on all of us!

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Raised So Far in 2019

We met our goal for 2019 just in the nick of time! Many thanks to all our generous donors! The small fee we ask for from subscribers only covers the cost of bandwidth. Your donation helps cover the cost of equipment and installation and also allows us to provide scholarships to mesh families with children in school, so please click on the Patron tab at left and give us a head start on 2020.

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