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Newport Wireless Mesh is a non-profit community supported wireless mesh internet service provider.

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  • Voting In A Pandemic: Vermonters Share Their Primary Experiences August 10, 2020
    Tuesday, Aug. 11, is Primary Day in Vermont. This hour, we check in with town clerks, the Secretary of State and VPR reporters to get the latest on how polling places are preparing for voters in a pandemic, and how Vermonters are casting their ballots — in person or by mail — this primary.
  • More Than 100,000 Tested: Vermont Health Commissioner Discusses COVID-19 Milestone And More August 10, 2020
    Vermont has just reached a COVID-19 milestone: more than 100,000 people have been tested for the virus. Health officials say now is not the time to relax our pandemic precautions, but they are changing the messaging around who needs to get tested and when. This hour: it's our weekly update with the Vermont Health Department. […]
  • Checking In: Vt. Small Businesses, Sole Proprietors & The Coronavirus Economy August 5, 2020
    The new VPR-Vermont PBS poll finds more than 90% of Vermonters are concerned about the future of the state's small businesses as they grapple with the coronavirus economy. This hour, we talk to businesses owners and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development about the challenges facing small businesses, sole proprietors and the tourism industry.
  • Art And Activism: What Public Art Means In A Moment Of Racial Reckoning August 5, 2020
    "Black Lives Matter" has been written across the streets of cities across America in a nation-wide call for racial justice. And while some individuals are using art to show their support for the movement, graffiti and vandalism have also ensued. All the while, many are grappling with how society should deal with racist and offensive […]

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