How to Make the Mesh Your Home Page

Your home page is determined by the settings in your web browser. (Tip: A web browser looks for a specific web page and a search engine looks for key words in  all web pages. They’re easily confused because if you put something into a web browser that’s not an address it will redirect you to a search engine.) Making us your home page won’t change who your web browser or search engine is. You’ll be able to get to your search engine (for example, Google) by opening a new tab at the very top, where there is a “plus” sign.

If your web browser is Google Chrome, go to the menu on the far right of the address bar at the top of the page. In the menu, click on “Settings”. Then scroll down to “On Startup” and select “Open a specific set of pages”. Click on “Edit” and either add a new page or erase whatever page was already there and write in “” (without the quotes) . The click “Save”.

If your web browser is Internet Explorer, go to the settings icon (looks like a gear) on the far right of the address bar. Select “Internet Options”. Scroll down to “Home Page”. Remove the address that is there (if any) and write “” (without the quotes). Then select “Start with home page” and click “OK”.

Now you’re set to get everything Newport!