Mesh Scholarships

Newport Wireless Mesh provides scholarships for a year of free mesh internet as funds become available from community donations. Prospective households must have a household member over the age of 8 who is enrolled in an educational program such as (but not limited to) public or private school, community college, completing a high school diploma, career center or job training.

Mesh subscribers who would like to apply for a scholarship should give us a call. They’ll need to write a short paragraph about their need for internet and also provide a letter or email from the educational organization about the  household member’s participation. The Newport Wireless Mesh board of directors has the final say on the awarding of scholarships.

Community members who would like to help out a family who needs internet access can contact us by phone or stop in at our office. Newport Wireless Mesh is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and donations are tax deductible.  See How To Contact Us on this website.