Terms of Use


Newport Wireless Mesh is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Subscription fees cover the cost of bandwidth and some equipment costs. No one at Newport Wireless Mesh gets paid, and all money we receive supports the mesh.

You can cancel your monthly subscription to the mesh by contacting Newport Wireless Mesh. See “Contact Us”.

If you are unable to meet your monthly commitment, internet access will be discontinued one week after the due date and remain off until you are able to do so. This is so that Newport Wireless Mesh  can provide  sufficient bandwidth to ensure a good user experience for all subscribers.


We require a refundable deposit for use of our router and its antenna, adapter and power cord and surge arrester if one was provided. You will receive the deposit back  when you return these items to us. If we don’t get the router, it’s antenna, adapter and power cord and surge arrester (if one was provided) back, we will keep the deposit.

Newport Wireless Mesh may provide other equipment to subscribers free of charge. This equipment will remain the property of the subscriber, unless the subscriber chooses to return it so others can use it.

Newport Wireless Mesh is not responsible for any harm, damage or injury to people or property resulting from using our equipment in a manner not intended by us or by tampering with the equipment.


The mission of Newport Wireless Mesh is to improve our neighbors’ quality of life through better access to the digital world,to promote education, independence, upward mobility and self-confidence,to model the sustainability of an alternative community project that is less reliant on government and large corporations,and to build community through shared ownership.

In keeping with our mission, as a subscriber to Newport Wireless Mesh we expect that you will not engage in the following illegal, damaging and divisive activities on the internet:

illegal activities, including but not limited to copyright infringement and scams,

activities which interfere with others’ use or enjoyment of the internet, including but not limited to spamming and denial of service,

activities that interfere with the functioning of the service or our equipment,

activities on the internet that promote violence or harm to others,

activities on the internet that harass, degrade, or intimidate others for any reason.

Newport Wireless Mesh shall not be held liable for harm resulting from subscribers’ use or sharing of the service.

Subscribers’ activities on the internet when using the service can not be traced back to individual subscriber networks. Content not meeting the acceptable use policy of our backhaul provider might result in blocking our single ip address, which would block all subscribers. Under certain circumstances Newport Wireless Mesh may be required by law to provide authorities with information about subscribers. See our Privacy Policy for further information.


Subscribers may share their password to access their home network with others, but should understand that this is a security risk to the privacy of their own data on the mesh. Passwords should only be shared with trusted individuals. Subscribers should keep in mind that sharing of their network with other households may result in excessive bandwidth usage and slowing of the subscriber’s service.

Subscribers can get a new password by contacting us. Subscribers can not change their own password.


Newport Wireless Mesh offers information on our website and in written form and verbally in classes and individual instruction as a service to subscribers. Newport Wireless Mesh also offers links to other websites on our website. Subscribers use this information or access these links at their own discretion. Newport Wireless Mesh is not responsible for any harm, damage or injury to people or property resulting from use of information provided by us or by accessing links on our website.


Newport Wireless Mesh is not responsible for any harm, damage or injury to people or property to any subscriber resulting from the actions of other subscribers using the mesh or from individuals accessing the mesh without our knowledge.