Be a Partner, Not a Customer!

The services subscribers receive are only possible through the efforts of volunteers. No one at the Mesh gets paid!  As a mesh subscriber you aren’t a customer, you are a partner in making the mesh a success.

Volunteering with Newport Wireless Mesh is a great introduction to the world of radio waves and wireless technology. From IoT to 5G cellular, wireless is how are world will work in the future. You will learn to think in terms of systems and interconnections and how to solve problems in creative ways.

Access Point Installer: Access Point installers are interested in learning about radio technology and how wireless works. They’re not afraid of heights and able to climb a ladder or go up in a bucket crane and are good with simple tools like a drill, screwdriver or wrench. Access point installers also need to be aware of electrical safety. Every installation is different, so there are plenty of opportunities for ingenuity.

Indoor node installer: Indoor node installers visit subscriber homes and install home routers. They like talking with people and are outgoing, friendly and respectful of people’s privacy. If you you’d like to learn how to set up and configure a router and are able to use a laptop, you’ll enjoy this volunteer job. Indoor node installers also need to be aware of electrical safety.

Mesh interns: As a mesh intern you can learn how routers work and how to configure a router both through a graphical interface and on the command line using Linux. You will also learn how to administer and monitor a mesh network. This is a great experience for someone planning a career in IT!

Access point installers and indoor node installers must be 18 or over and sign a waiver and our privacy policy. Mesh interns must sign our privacy policy.

Read about us on this website and then contact us by phone or email. We’ll set you up for training!