Clean Out Your Old but Working Computer and Donate it to the Mesh!

I’m using DBAN (Derik’s Boot and Nuke)  on my old computer to wipe it clean–experimenting with the DOD long wipe, which is overkill for this machine, but wanted to see how long it would take. The answer is, a long time, about 20 hours. But proceeding well. I replaced the machine because it has a power cord connection problem, but if that proves an easy fix it will be available for a mesh family, together with this keyboard and old but still usable monitor from Tom’s basement. If you have an older computer, that still works, you can save it from becoming another piece of polluting electronic waste (at least for a while longer) by donating it to Newport Wireless Mesh. The DOD (Department of Defense) wiping process makes information on the machine unrecoverable by most techniques, but doesn’t work on solid state drives and may not erase parts of a hard drive that are defective, so if your machine has very sensitive information on it or you actually do work for the Department of Defense (which no longer uses this standard) it won’t be suitable for you. But for most of us, it’s good.

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